Medicine & AI to Improve Outcomes by Discovering Undiagnosed Patients- NHS Clinicians Presenting at HIMSS

Predicting Length-of-Stay & Risk of Mortality for ICU Patients

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WHITEPAPER: How can Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Providers Collaborate in a Financially Sustainable & Scalable Manner to Improve Patient Outcomes?

Find & connect with
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How can Pangaea’s AI help you?

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Our unsupervised AI, combined with access to over 500 million patient records through our network of data partners, allows you to find and connect with more patients at scale, including undiagnosed ones, in a privacy compliant manner.

Find more patients for existing therapies
Identify clinical features that stratify suitable patients with high precision. This helps proactively find more patients suitable for existing therapies.
Improve success rate for screening at clinical trials
Find more patients, including undiagnosed ones, with specific clinical features who are likely to be suitable for clinical trials – compared to those found by searching structured data only.
Find patients of specific phenotypes to discover new drug targets
Stratify patients with specific clinical features and then analyse their clinical and multiomic datasets to identify new drug targets and biomarkers.
Hospitals & Clinical Centres

Improving patient outcomes based on existing data captured laboriously by clinicians.

Provide accurate diagnosis and better triage
Our AI understands patient’s clinical features through extraction from medical notes. This helps clinicians accurately diagnose and detect patients at risk earlier.
Include clinicians in refining the AI models
Clinicians are continually validating inferences of clinical features provided by our AI which helps it learn and improve.
Assure compliance and patient privacy
Maintain the highest levels of patient privacy with our novel federated approach that avoids the need to access a patient’s private information.
Data Vendors

Make your data more useful for end users in the context of their scientific and clinical needs at scale.

Further commercialise your data at scale
Allow your customers to find more relevant patients from your data and generate more sales & value. Unlock new opportunities by allowing your data to be accessed by leading biopharma clients.
Assure privacy compliance through a federated framework
Our novel federated learning framework allows us to build AI models without the need to access patients’ private information and assures compliance with privacy regulations.
Access our learning network
Apply our AI algorithms to build models for specific diseases that improve with feedback from clinicians.
our product

A breakthrough
unsupervised AI to
extract clinical features
from doctors notes

Better understanding of patient data 50 times faster
with 87.5% higher accuracy than text mining and
generic Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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