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Presenting “Identifying 6x More Cancer Patients with Cachexia in a Privacy Preserving Manner” at SCWD 2022

3:35 - 4:25PM WEST (2:35 - 3:25PM BST) June 24th, Rapid Fire Abstract Session 2, Lisbon, Portugal

Venue: Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa (FMUL), Lisbon, Portugal

Leading researchers and oncologists, Dr. Barry Laird and Dr. Richard Skipworth, have been invited to present the results of our collaboration titled, Identifying Cancer Patients with Cachexia at Scale by Leveraging Self-Supervised Natural Language Processing and Predictive Models on Unstructured Data in Patients’ Electronic Health Records, at the annual Sarcopenia, Cachexia & Wasting Disorders (SCWD) conference.

Abstract: International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes often cannot characterize patients with diseases like Cachexia accurately due to high probability of miscoding, while manual inspection of patient records is costly and slow. An AI driven workflow is presented which leverages structured, discrete values and unstructured textual data from Electronic Health Records, to automatically identify cancer patients who have Cachexia, especially those who might be miscoded or undiagnosed.

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The 15th international Conference of the Society on Cachexia, Sarcopenia & Muscle Wasting, will take place on the 24th – 26th June 2022 in Lisbon under the guidance of Chairs of the SCWD, Prof. Stefan Anker (Berlin, Germany), and Prof. John Morley (Saint Louis, USA).


Dr. Barry Laird
Edinburgh Cancer Centre & St. Columba’s Hospice
Dr. Richard Skipworth
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh