FREE WEBINAR: “Disrupting a $50 Billion Industry” September 29th at 12PM ET (9AM PT/ 5PM BST)

Global Pharmaceutical Proves Pangaea’s AI

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Pangaea is Selected by the UK Government as a Leading Digital Health Innovator

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Disrupting a $50 Billion Industry

Characterizing patients in a privacy preserving & scalable manner

FREE WEBINAR: Thursday, September 29th at 12:00 PM ET (9:00 AM PT/ 5:00 PM BST) 

Dr. Rick Sax and Dr. Jingqing Zhang will be in discussions with Dr. Ramon Felciano and presenting on how Pangaea is characterizing patients and mapping their journey and disease trajectories by extracting and summarizing new clinically actionable insights from existing data in a scalable and privacy preserving manner. This webinar will also showcase the following success stories, where Pangaea has helped clinicians from pharmaceutical companies and healthcare to: 

  • Discover 6x more undiagnosed and miscoded cachectic cancer patients, thereby halving treatment costs with the potential to save the NHS £1 billion annually;
  • Measure health inequity across the US through extraction of clinical features from patient records and reports with 97% accuracy;
  • Automatically generate clinical narratives for regulatory reports, saving 90% in time and enterprise costs.

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Dr. Rick Sax
Former SVP at IQVIA, AstraZeneca and Merck
Dr. Jingqing Zhang
Head of AI
Pangaea Data


Dr. Ramon Felciano
Founder, Ingenuity Systems (Acquired by QIAGEN)