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“Novel AI Discovers More Undiagnosed & Miscoded Cancer Cachexia Patients”

11:30AM - 12:00PM BST, September 30th 2023, Cutting Edge Research in Cancer Cachexia, Edinburgh, Scotland

Venue: Surgeon’s Quarters, Edinburgh, Scotland

Presentation: Novel AI to characterize and discover undiagnosed and miscoded patients with cancer cachexia at scale in a privacy-preserving manner

Session: Cutting Edge Research in Cancer Cachexia

NHS clinicians applied Pangaea’s product to characterize cachectic cancer patients by automatically discovering a clinically valid signature (which clinicians would otherwise ascertain manually). This led to the discovery of 6 times more undiagnosed and miscoded cachectic cancer patient records compared to if ICD or NLP-based approaches were used. The earlier discovery of these patients can help to halve the cost of treatment (from £10,000 to £5,000). Furthermore, clinicians estimate that 200,000 such undiagnosed or miscoded cachectic cancer patients could be found in the UK annually, which could help save the NHS £1 billion annually. Additionally, earlier discovery of these patients will also help find more suitable patients for trials and new therapies launched by pharmaceutical companies, thus enabling sustainable collaborations between the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to improve efficiency and patient outcomes.

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The Cancer Cachexia Conference is an annual event hosted by the Cancer Cacehxia Society. The Society brings together a community of basic scientists, translational researchers, clinicinan-investigators, health care providers, industry partners, advocates, and patients, all working together to increase knowledge, research, education, awareness, and treatment of cachexia, aiming to make powerful changes for people with cancer.


Dr. Vibhor Gupta
Director & Founder
Pangaea Data