Predicting Length-of-Stay & Risk of Mortality for ICU Patients

Pangaea Data Awarded Top Tier Co-Sell Partnership Status by Microsoft

Pangaea Named ‘Digital Solution of the Year’ by UK Government’s Department for International Trade

How can Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Providers Collaborate in a Financially Sustainable & Scalable Manner to Improve Patient Outcomes?

Imagine if AI could understand an
individual’s health based on their data


Improving patient outcomes worldwide

At Pangaea, we want to derive actionable insights from vast amounts of complex, unstructured textual healthcare
data. In doing so, we improve patient outcomes worldwide through earlier diagnosis and access to existing and new
therapies, clinical trials and drug discovery studies.


Scientific rigor meets technical expertise

Pangaea’s technology is based on the founders’ work over the last 20 years, which has attracted over £130m in research
funding. We are advised by renowned scientific and technical experts from the biopharmaceutical industry and academia.
We are supported by teams in San Francisco, London and Hong Kong.

The core Pangaea Team
Dr. Vibhor Gupta
Director & Founder
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Prof. Yi-Ke Guo
Co-Founder & CSO
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Dr. Jingqing Zhang
Head of AI
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World-leading expert advisors
Prof. Mark Musen
Stanford University
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Dr. Rick Sax
IQVIA, AstraZeneca, Merck Sharp & Dohme
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Dr. Ramon Felciano
QIAGEN, Ingenuity Systems
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Mr. Joe Donahue
MediData, Accenture
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Join a team aiming to improve patient outcomes

If you are excited to work with a globally renowned team of AI experts to improve patient outcomes, through a deeper understanding of health data, please email us at

Sales & Marketing

Marketing Executive
Lead and develop the company’s brand and marketing strategy and grow with the business and its team Read more
Personal Assistant / Office Administrator
We are seeking a dynamic and organised Personal Assistant/ Office Administrator to provide vital support to our executive team and ensure the smooth functioning of our office. Read more
Human Resources Specialist
As Pangaea is scaling our work and team, this role will have a heavy focus on recruitment/ talent acquisition. You will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the recruitment function and processes at Pangaea. Additionally, you will own general HR functions, such as managing employee onboarding and employee benefits. Read more
Sales Manager
As part of Sales, you will be part of the foundational team selling Pangaea’s product to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Read more
Product Marketing Manager
An opportunity to facilitate the communication of our product, its novel unsupervised AI methods and application in the context of our mission to improve patient outcomes to our customers and partners from the Biopharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Read more
Manager, Strategy and Growth
A unique position to work alongside the founding team to explore growth opportunities for Pangaea’s novel unsupervised AI in the financial industry Read more
Sales Directors
Build sales and grow with the company by successfully delivering an exceptional product to benefit scientists, clinicians and patients Read more


Natural Language Processing Engineers
Research and develop cutting edge Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) methodologies to extract intelligence from textual health data Read more
Clinical Scientist
As a Clinical Scientist, you will closely collaborate with other colleagues to support algorithm design hence knowledge in life science and biomedicine is critical. Read more
Full Stack Engineer
As a web UI developer, you will implement the graphical design for our product so it effectively demonstrates the functions of our research technology in the context of the user behaviour. Read more
DevOps Engineer
As a DevOps Engineer, you need to be able to build functional modules to deploy the products for customers locally/remotely and improve customer experience by identifying issues, implementing integrations and releasing new updates. Read more
Data Engineer
As a Data Engineer, you need to be able to understand product data APIs and client data APIs so as to develop robust data integration, perform data analytics, and ensure Pangaea’s product is compatible with client data environment. Knowledge in databases, data science and AI will be critical. Read more
Test Engineer / QA Engineer
As a Test Engineer, you need to be able to understand the product and client requirements so as to test the product in extreme scenarios and corner conditions. Knowledge in NLP and AI will help you understand the product better and in turn write better Test Cases and documentation. Read more
Biomedical Analyst
As a Biomedical Analyst, you will closely collaborate with colleagues on the clinical and technical teams, supporting product configuration based on scientific and clinical understanding of the objectives and validating outputs. Additionally you will have an external facing aspect of the role focused on researching and producing customer deliverables. Read more
Project Manager
Help our customers implement our product capabilities in their environment and successfully apply them in the context of their use cases. Read more