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Global Pharmaceutical Proves Pangaea’s AI

Microsoft Interviews Our Founder

Pangaea is Selected by the UK Government as a Leading Digital Health Innovator

Find & connect with more patients at scale through our internationally growing network of data partners


Apply our AI to over 500 million patient records in compliance with privacy regulations

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Information Exchanges
Disease Foundations
Vendors of EHR Systems
Third Party Data Vendors
Health Insurance Providers

How does Pangaea work
with data vendors?

Our novel federated learning framework allows us to build AI models for specific diseases without the need to access patients’ private information and assure compliance with privacy regulations.

We apply our AI models on the existing data of our customers and achieve scalability through their wider application across our network of data partners.

data vendors

Why do data vendors choose Pangaea?

Give back intelligence to clinicians to improve patient outcomes
Pangaea gives back intelligence from patient data which helps improve outcomes through early detection and accurate diagnosis; this is critical for clinical partners of data vendors.
Access our learning network
Data vendors apply our AI algorithms to build models for specific diseases which improve with feedback from clinicians.
Make data more valuable at scale
Pangaea also unlocks new opportunities for data vendors by finding more relevant patients for leading biopharma clients which generates mores sales and value.